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How do i join the team?

MAD Formula Team is a unique opportunity to be part of a research project that will help you develop personally and professionally. For this reason, being part of the team implies a commitment similar to a real job, and requires an effort at the level, fulfilling the assigned tasks and attending weekly team meetings and events.

On this page you will find the vacancies that must be filled this year in the team. They are divided according to the different departments.

You will find more information about each position within their respective pages and, when you fill out the entry request form, you can sort the positions according to your interest.

Remember to look carefully at all the positions, to find the one that you like the most, since the admission processes will be organized according to what you tell us.

If you are an engineering student and you are studying 1st or 2nd, you must apply to the Organization and Marketing department in order to know the operation of the team and obtain the necessary knowledge to be part of a technical department. Applications for technical departments of students who are not in 3rd grade or higher will not be considered. Those who have completed previous education related to the project are exempt from this restriction.