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How do i join the team?

MAD Formula Team is a unique opportunity to be part of a research project, which will help you develop personally and professionally. For this reason, being part of the team implies a commitment similar to that of a real job, and requires an effort to match, fulfilling the assigned tasks and attending weekly team meetings and events. This effort may vary depending on the task to be carried out, but it is usually around 20 hours per week continuously during the course. Every year we make a new car from scratch, and this requires a lot of sacrifice from the team members. Without it, the project would not go ahead.

To try to be part of the team, you can fill out the form that you will find below. Follow the instructions on the form carefully to maximize your chances of entering. Every year we receive around 200 applications for only around 10 positions, so we have to make a very careful selection.

We usually open very few positions because we are already a very large team, which is difficult to manage, and to ensure the viability of the project we must limit the number of team members. If you are not chosen, do not get frustrated, we open forms every year, so you will have more opportunities throughout your career.