Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions affect any donations to MAD Formula Team received through Paypal: 

  1. Any donor will be able to submit their names, nicknames, or usernames, which will appear in future updates of the mod as part of 1 of the 5 Default Liveries. The name shall be no longer than 20 characters. MAD Formula Team reserves the right to not display any obscene, offensive, or objectionable names at their sole discretion. No refund will be given, but the donor may submit a new name for approval.

  2. Any donor who contributes more than €20, or equivalent in other currency, will become a Microsponsor to MAD Formula Team and enjoy all privileges afforded by the Microsponsor status, including the right to have their names or logo displayed in the actual MAD Formula Team Formula Student car for the 2020/2021 Season. A Marketing Team Member will contact you to discuss the details, but an email address must be included in order for the team to have a way to communicate with the donor. 

 3. The settings of the donation should be as seen in the picture below in order for us to receive the note stating the chosen name and email address. If you wish to donate more than €300 and become a Bronze, Silver or Gold Sponsor, please contact our Marketing Team directly at sponsors@madformulateam.com and we will be in touch soon.